Restorative, nurturing, grounding.

Therapeutic thai massage with Anna

Supporting your health with holistic bodywork

My name is Anna and I am passionate about the healing and nurturing power of therapeutic touch. Applying the principles of Thai yoga massage, I offer bodywork sessions designed to help you experience more presence and comfort in your body. By allowing tension to soften and emotions to move, you can invite more freedom, connection and vitality into your life.

Why Thai massage

Massage is considered one of the oldest healing arts in the world and it has plenty of benefits. Through the use of touch, it addresses a fundamental human need, and helps to organize our sensory awareness by improving proprioception and body mapping, resulting in a healthier, freer body and more grounded mind.

In the world often dominated by visual or auditory stimulation, such as overuse of screens, we can choose to bring more balance into our lives by safely tapping into our physicality.

Many of us also carry a lot of tension due to emotional history, health reasons or lifestyle patterns, such as stress, past injury and chronic illnesses and too little or too much movement. Massage offers a pause, an anchor, a chance to come back to ourselves as well as a reference for change outside of the treatment room.

What to expect from a session

After the initial check in I’ll invite you to lay down on a massage mat on the floor. You may wish to change before that into some loose or stretchy clothing (Thai massage is usually received via clothing, with some exceptions like neck massage or abdominal massage). During the session, depending on your comfort levels and needs, you may lay on the mat in different body positions (e.g. backlying, sidelaying, prone). The massage may include slow, static pressure, passive yoga stretches, various dynamic, rocking movements and harmonics. The vast spectrum of techniques allows for delivering a truly personalized massage, from very gentle to strong and can include the whole body or just a specific body area.

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